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Luxurious Lifelong Memories created with Love, Aloha, & Authentic taste of the islands 

Maui's Original Gourmet and Luxury Picnic Co

Paradise Picnics is the original Maui Luxury Picnic company, a small woman-owned business with an intent focus on quality and taste. We make sure all parts of you are happy during your picnic or special event; a fully encompassing happiness in your body, mind, and soul.

Lay back, and we will make every detail beyond perfect.  We go above and beyond for each and every client, and strive to exceed all expectations, making sure all of our guests leave nourished, excited, joyful, inspired and looking forward to whatever the future has to offer!

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We Specialize in Creating the Perfect Atmosphere 

Surprises, Celebrations, Proposals, Elopements, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Date Nights, Anniversaries, Corporate Events & Brand Parties... the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back beach day with your crew, a surprise one of a kind date night, a proposal at your own secret waterfall, a cliffside or shorefront wedding, or even a corporate event or elegant soirée, we’ve got you covered!

We have everything you need for the very best event at the very best price. Eco-responsible and Earth-centered, we won't cut corners when it comes to doing the right thing. No matter what your event is, we’ll be there behind the scenes working days, weeks, and months ahead of time to make it the celebration of your dreams! 

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Female Baker

We are Honored & Excited to Cater to your Specific Dietary Requirements

Maui's Original Gourmet and Luxury Picnic Co

We LOVE catering to your specific dietary requirements, and any requirement is workable. We specialize in creating flavor-rich taste bud tantalizing foods with an emphasis on unique superfoods and nutrient-packed local ingredients. We believe that everyone should be eating the best food for their own body, and only YOU know what that is!

When it comes to food, the possibilities are endless- We have chef’s specials, themed meals, beautiful assorted grazing boards, gourmet desert trays and extravagant spreads. Have a special something from a particular restaurant in mind? Great! We can pickup your food from the establishment of your choice and bring it to your picnic!

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